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I’ve known Pat Crippen for a long time and he’s been a great Police Officer. he’s a hard worker, and he is from and loves Citrus County and would be a great one to look out for that area.

Taylor Hary      

I have known Patrick Crippen my entire life, Not only as a mentor but as a friend and my father. He has always been up front and honest and has always gone the extra mile. He would give the shirt off his back for anyone in need. I truly believe that there is no one else who has the passion for Citrus County like he does. He is the right choice for Citrus County. Lets preserve Citrus and make citrus county strong again.

Brittany Curry      

Pat is a very sincere person and hard working. I enjoy his company from the day I met him. Makes a great person to get along with and lead as well.

Rebecca Fanklin      

I endorse Patrick Crippen for our 2020 Citrus County Sheriff

Dominica Morrone      

I've known Pat for over 30 years. We worked together at the Sheriff's Office for several years.and I have known Pat to be a hard worker, very knowledgeable, continually working to learn more about Law Enforcement.and constantly educating himself so that he could continue to do a better job. Pat is a people person and is compassionate about the people he works with and is compassionate about serving the citizens of Citrus county. I do not feel that there is a better man for the job of Sheriff of Citrus County

Capt. Roberta L. Moffatt, Ret.      

he is completely honest and a straight shooter.

lynette Conklin      

I have known Pat Crippen for over 20 years and in my opinion he will make a great sheriff and leader.

Patricia Oglesbee      

Pat Crippen and I worked together for many years at Bell Helicopter/Textron in Fort Worth, Texas. Pat's work ethic, honesty, and integrity were all always beyond repraoch. His dedication to a job well done is first and foremost in his approach to any task. His people skills and sense of fair play makes him the kind of person that people gravitate to, because you know that he is a man whose judgement you can trust. Pat Crippen is an honorable man, will make an excellent sherriff, and I am humbled to call him my friend.

Larry Stone      

I've only known Patrick for about a year now, but what I know for sure is: he's fair. dedicated. hard working, and because of his experience, would make a GREAT sheriff!

Mike Voorchees      

I've known Patrick for a few years and he is one dedicated individual that serves with an attitude of gratitude. Great guy and I'm fortunate to have worked with him. I believe he would be a great Sheriff for Citrus County.

Everett Horst      

A dedicated professional and industrious worker. Patrick will work tirelessly to ensure the safety of his staff and the residents and visitors to Citrus County. I can highly support and endorse Patrick for the position of Sheriff!

Alan Olden      

If you want an honest, hard working, dedicated, and selfless man to be the next sheriff, look no further. My Uncle is one of the reasons I got into law enforcement and I continue to look to him for guidance and advice within this career. He has a true passion for Citrus County and the residents that live here.

Adam James      

This is a good man, lived in Citrus all his life who will make a great sheriff.

June McMahon      

I have known Patrick since he was a young boy and have seen him grow into a trustworthy young man. Courteous, respectful, truthful, and kind are just a few words to describe him. It would behoove the citizens of Citrus county to give serious consideration to vote Pat to become sheriff of Citrus county.

Flora Hudson      

I worked with Pat in the Division of Law Enforcement with FWC. Pat has always been a “can do” guy who could be counted on to get the job done and done right.

Kevin Vislocky      

I met Pat when he joined the aviation section at Citrus County Sheriff's Office. We flew as a pilot/ observer, for 6-7 years protecting the county from the air. I came to know Pat very well during these years, and knew him to be a dedicated Law Enforcement officer. He was always striving to learn and improve his knowledge of law enforcement aviation. After my retirement from the Citrus County Sheriff's Office pat and I worked together at FWC. Pat then went on to have several positions in corporate America, always keeping his foot in law enforcement. I believe that he is THE RIGHT MAN AT THE RIGHT TIME for the Sheriff of Citrus County.

John Jerkins      

Awesome and very talented person. When I worked with Pat at Bell Helicopter he was a demonstrated, strong leader and boss. His direct reports always thought the best of him.

John Williams      

I have known Pat Crippen for around 4 years now. Whenever he told me he was pondering running for Sheriff I knew it would only be a matter of time before he pursued his dream. His dream of being able to contribute back to the community who helped mold his character and moral values growing up. Pat Crippen has a go-getter attitude that will not rest until a mission is accomplished. An attitude such as this is exactly what Citrus County needs. Citrus County needs someone who is not going to rest or give up at a task or issue at hand. As a Citrus County born and bred citizen I am honored to know a man who has the right intentions and wants to preserve the quality of life of the citizens of Citrus County. Without reservation I can say with certainty Pat Crippen is the man for the job and exactly what Citrus County needs.

caleb curry      

I got into law enforcement because of my Uncle (Patrick Crippen). He’s an honest, hard working, family man with his heart in all the right places.

Daniel Michael      

I have known Patrick Crippen for about seven years. Patrick is kind hearted, humorous compassionate and it just a great guy and knows how to deal and lead people. Patrick has a very unique background, with his love of Law Enforcement and experience and business acumen He will surely no doubt bring order, efficiently and unity to the Sheriff’s Office. He is the right man for the job and you should all stop and take a look at the other candidates, there is no comparisons, especially since Patrick and his family has been in Citrus County for nearly 50 years. Vote Patrick Crippen in the 2020 primary!

Jake T.D White      

I knew Pat in high school, he was a really honest straight shooter, always respectful to everyone.

Frank Kennedy      

I, Peggy Martin, wholeheartedly endorse my brother for Citrus County Sheriff 2020. He is a man that is dedicated to this community that he was raised in. He is committed to all citizens to treat them with dignity and protect them. As a teacher it is utmost important that myself, my coworkers, and students are safe, making the environment conducive to learning, Patrick assures me that this will be done, always. While Patrick is in office the Sheriff’s Office will run with transparency, and with the involvement of the citizens.
Peggy Martin - Teacher - 7th Grade - CRMS

Peggy Martin      

Pat is the man for the job! Having family that lives here and teaches in our school system he knows first hand what needs to be done. Not only does he have the law enforcement background and corporate experience, he also has the heart for Citrus County to do what needs to be done to clean it up and be accountable to the community with transparency. This something we desperately need and he has the know how to provide it.

Kim Howard      

I've known Pat for many years, worked with him at The Citrus County Sheriff's Office and been friends with him and his family for many years. He has vast law enforcement and business experience and I believe that he will be a good Sheriff for Citrus County, his home.

Luther Willis      

If you want someone who loves law enforcement, and loves Citrus County, Pat grew up and loved and will always love the area, you could not find a better man to take care of Citrus County, he is an extremely caring, loving, and dedicated man who would be the best assett possible for Sherriff of Citrus County.

Heather Hary      

I have known Pat for 8 years and know him to be caring of his fellow man, always tying to help others. He is dedicated to doing the very best in any task he takes on. He is the best man for Sheriff of Citrus County.

Cheryl Ricard      

VOTE PATRICK CRIPPEN FOR SHERIFF if you want an honest, hard working, loyal man to serve you!!

Chelsea Barker      

A true candidate with a true law enforcement background. That’s what people respect. Not a weak politician looking for an add into his resume . I wish you loads of luck and hope the people will give you the support you have earned

Keith Verschraegen      

I grew up with Pat. He is a very honest, hard working, and dedicated individual. He would make a great Sheriff.

Randy Oliver      

I confidently recommend Pat Crippen for Citrus County Sheriff. I have known him personally for over 30+ years and found him to be honest, reliable and fair. He is homegrown and cares about our community. I know he will work diligently in office as Sheriff and I hope you will join me in supporting Him.

Kem Bennett      

I have known Pat For nearly my entire life ! He is and always has been an upstanding person ! Has a Good Reputation for himself,and. Good Family Man !

Patrick Barker      
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I have known Pat for 20 years, and he is intelligent, competent and trustworthy. He has a unique combination of corporate management experience as well as law enforcement experience and he will make an excellent sheriff of Citrus County.

Linda Griffitts      

You won’t find a harder working candidate than Patrick. He has a been in law enforcement most of his adult life. You won’t find a better man. VOTE PAT CRIPPEN

Chris hary      

Ever since I was little I have always admired my uncles hard work ethic and his love for this county. If you want someone that is hard working, listens and empathizes with the residents in this County, Patrick Crippen is your guy. He’s been around the clock, he knows the ins and outs of this County, and he will steer Citrus in the right direction if elected Sheriff. I couldn’t think of a more perfect person than my Uncle for Sheriff in 2020!

Megan Barker      

I’ve known Patrick for nearly 20 years. My husband along with Patrick, served with the air unit of FWC. I do not vote and Citrus County, but I am very excited for your opportunity to elect a strong, fair and honest person for the position of Citrus County Sheriff.

Pamela Martyna      

This man will go out of his way for people and animals. I've only known him for less than a year but he has had my back on numerous occasions and has been very helpful with my fiance and our unborn baby boy. He insisted i take her to her doctor appointments and be there for her and our baby. I have no doubt in my mind he will make a great sheriff. He is a great boss who is extremely hard working and devoted.

Sean Connors      

Citrus County folks - consider supporting this Pirate - sounds like the right person for the job

Ted Kennedy      

I’ve known Pat Crippen for over 25 years. I’ve worked with him for many of them. Pat is the right choice for the job and the right choice for Citrus County.

David Oglesbee      

Honest , straight forward , awesome personality! Hard working man ! Got my vote !

Krissy Johnson      

I have known Patrick since he was 12 years old and now, as an adult, he is kind, well rounded, professional and continuously strives to educate and improve himself in all facits of law enforcement. Patrick will take on any challenge and will not stop until he has conquered it. Reliable and loyal, everything one would look for in a leader.

Terry crippen      

Let's see, I've known Pat for 35 or 36 years now. Even worked with him several years when he was with the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. I've always known him to be a honest and trustworthy man and friend. He has a good vision of where the organization needs to be and given the opportunity I'm sure he'll see it through. He's the right man for the job!

Mike Hudgens      

I’ve known Pat for 30 years and we were coworkers for about 10 years. He is a great friend and will go the extra mile to help anyone in need. Pat has the experience, training and education necessary to be an exceptional Sheriff for Citrus County. He strives for excellence, demands professionalism, and is the type of leader who will be respected across the board. I highly recommend Pat Crippen to serve you as your next Sheriff.

Vince Mizell      

I've known Pat Crippen since he worked in Corrections about 30 years ago. He is my friend as well as a former Corrections Officer. His work for me was exemplary. I have not one doubt that Pat will be the sheriff that we need in office. He has done an excellent job in all his former employments and will continue to do so as our Sheriff.

Capt. Roberta L. Moffatt,, CCSO, Ret.      

This is the man for the job. Vote for Crippen!

Jay Curry      

I worked with Pat in the Division of Law Enforcement with FWC. Pat has always been a “can do” guy who could be counted on to get the job done and done right.

Kevin Vislocky      

Pat Crippen is one of the friendliest, outgoing, caring, and down to earth people I have ever met. There are no strangers to him, he makes a friend in everyone and would do anything he could to help someone who was in need of it. He would make a great leader as sheriff.

Sarah Kaiser      

I’ve know Pat for 20 years, he always has been a great guy who listens and wants to help people. Motivated and dedicated! I believe Pat would do a good job as Sheriff.

Wendy Mcdaniel Vislocky      

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