The Platform

The Platform  – Campaign Outline For Success– a Plan For a Better Tomorrow


  • Formation of a Citrus County resident’s advisory council
  • Increasing the number of uniformed front line deputies.
  • Improve recruitment and retention of employees
  • Intensify student and school facility protection
  • Develop a drug task force with surrounding counties to fight methamphetamines, opioids & gangs
  • Create a task force to prevent crimes against the elderly, veterans and children
  • Advance community outreach programs
  • Mandate assessments of all components of the sheriff’s office to ensure they are running at top efficiency

Assessments of the Following Areas:

  • County zones and patrol vehicles assignments with in the working zones to ensure coverage
  • Emergency Operation Center
  • Sheriff’s Special Operations
  • Animal Control
  • Fire and EMS partnerships


The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office is the most visible agency in the county and will be an equal partner with all other county offices and officials.

The Sheriff’s Office employees will rekindle and solidify partnerships with all citizens.

The Sheriff’s Office will boost the self-esteem, raise the working standards, inspire personal growth, and promote teamwork for its employees.

While working independently toward the common goal of making “Citrus County Strong”, the Sheriff’s Office will once again become efficient, solve problems and return to community-oriented policing.

We will also be accountable to and professional, while representing all citizens.

Once in office our team will always ask these three simple questions before executing anything that affects the Citizens of Citrus County:

1)   Is this good for the citizens?

2)   Is this program effective and efficient?

3)   Is this fiscally responsible for the taxpaying Citizens of Citrus County?

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